Mark Harr

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Functional summary

years experience in Programming, Systems Analysis, and Project Leader positions, including 11 years mainframe development and years PC / Client-Server / Internet-Intranet and mobile development.  Recent emphasis in PhoneGap mobile development, Windows .Net development and SQL Server administration, ASP.Net/MVC/MVVM/AJAX/jQuery/HTML web site development.  Extensive experience in medical systems, privacy management, ecommerce site integration, securities transactions, insurance and rating, real estate and title systems, transportation, sales management and tracking, manufacturing and inventory management, warehouse distribution, order entry, and miscellaneous office applications and systems.



2009 – current
2005 – 2008
Oxford & Associates Beachwood, OH

Sr. Consultant; .Net development, SharePoint

  • Consultant and architect specializing in Microsoft technologies and products.  Project development, package implementations.
2008 – 2009 Exential, LLC Brecksville, OH

Sr. Consultant; .Net development

  • Consultant and architect specializing in Microsoft technologies and products.  Project development, package implementations.
2003 - 2005 Foresight Technology Group;
Berbee Information Networks
Brecksville, OH

Sr. System Architect; Sr. Consultant

·         Consultant and architect specializing in Microsoft technologies and products.  Project development, package implementations.

2001 - 2003 Mediquant, Inc. Broadview Heights, OH

System Architect; Lead Developer

·         Software company specializing in Medicare billing review systems.  Rearchitected two major product lines to Microsoft-based multi-tier systems including web-client capabilities, signature capture, and remote updates and maintenance.

2000 - 2001 Analysts International Independence , OH

System Architect; Project Manager; Senior Consultant

·         eBusiness Solutions Group, projects involving website development (including eCommerce site), enterprise-wide application development.

1995 - 2000

LDA Systems;
Computer Associates

Brecksville, OH

System Architect; Project Manager; Senior Consultant

§  Co-developed the Microsoft Solutions Group, a focused consulting service to research and prototype the latest Microsoft Technologies for client, and provide off-site rapid system development.

1994 - 1995 Independent Consultant Parma, OH

·      Project development and management, focusing on MS Technologies.

1994 Roadway Information Technologies Akron, OH

Project Manager

1981 - 1994 American Greetings Corp. Brooklyn, OH

Technical Specialist, Project Leader, Senior Analyst/Programmer

1979 - 1981 Cleveland Federal Saving & Loan Cleveland, OH

Programmer; Computer Operator



Significant Project Achievements

Regional Major Hospital

  • Developed mobile applications and web applications for patients and staff.

  • Mobile web applications developed using jQueryMobile for responsive design, including providing multi-pane pages for wide browsers (desktop and tablets).

  • Mobile applications for Android and iPhone/iPad, using PhoneGap. Used Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova for development.

  • Both used RESTful web services built using ASP.Net MVC/WebAPI2 for backend web services.

  • C# 2013, ASP.Net 4.5/WebAPI2, Html5/CSS3, jQuery 1.11/2.1, jQueryMobile 1.4.5, VS Tools-Cordova

Mfg Company

  • Enhanced shop floor application for tracking JIT inventory.

  • Increased performance 80%, reducing lines of code over 90%, and added flexibility for unlimited bin display (was limited because of bad performance).

  • Added printed pick lists. Added resizable and scrollable display to fit various large TV monitors on shop floor.

  • C# 2013, WinForms, SQL Server 2012.

Mfg Distribution Company

  • Converted order mgmt system from Classic ASP to current Asp.Net.

  • Helped implement transition to Agile methodology for development teams.

  • Converted public website for outside marketing agency to internal CMS using Orchard.

  • Assisted in many projects rebranding/integrating/converting processes and systems as company was acquired by another company, and long-time staff left or was transitioned out.

  • C#/VB.Net 2012-13, ASP.Net 3.5/Ajax/MVC, Html5/CSS3, jQuery 1.11, SQL Server 2005/08, iSeries DB2, TFS 2010, Windows Server 2003-05, Agile

Manufacturing Company

  • Helped implement multi-language international website for their products.

  • Website included product information imported from ERP system, regional availability, manuals/reference/MSDS, videos, and catalog cross-reference system.

  • Application was integrated into Orchard CMS, providing marketing ability to add pages, promotions, and page widgets to link appropriate content.

  • Website designed with responsive web design techniques, to provide support for PCs, tablets, and mobile phones.

  • • Html5/CSS3, jQuery 1.8, Twitter Bootstrap, ASP.Net/MVC C# 4.0, SQL Server 2012, LLBL GenPro, Window Server 2008, Agile, TDD, Rally

Online Communications Company

  • Developed multi-platform mobile application (iOS and Android) to enable their client’s users to manage and receive critical communications on their mobile devices. Used common Html5/CSS3 web pages, enhanced with PhoneGap to build native apps for packaging/delivery on app store.

  • Enhanced backend web services to enable use by more html/ajax applications, enabling Ajax/Json endpoints in addition to existing Soap/Xml services.

  • • PhoneGap 1.6-1.81, Html5/CSS3, jQuery, jQueryMobile, iOS 4.3,5.x,6, XCode 4.4, Android 2.2-4.03, Eclipse, ASP.Net/ C# 4.0, SQL Server 2008, Window Server 2008, Agile

Online Business Services Company

  • Redeveloped marketing site using CMS and updated design (from design agency). Restyled 600 page members site to align with new style.

  • Developed common reporting WCF service to serve 6 client systems with consistent end reports (primary deliverable for their clients)

  • * ASP.Net/MVC3/C# 4.0, Ajax/jQuery, SQL Server 2005/8, Window Server 2008, Agile

Industrial  Company

  • Redeveloped marketing literature site (including e-commerce) and company's public facing site.

  • Literature site developed to be multi-site, so many divisions of company all can store all literature, articles, videos, software; over 600 downloadable files.

  • ASP.Net/C# 3.5 SP1, Ajax/jQuery, SQL Server 2005, Window Server 2008

Startup Company>

  • Developed prototype in .Net Compact Framework/Windows Mobile application, .Net Web Service. SQL Server 2008 w/spatial data for geolocation tracking and proximity searching.

  • Windows Server 2003 R2, VB.Net 2008,.Net CF 3.5, ASP.Net 3.0, SQL Server 2008

Mfg Distribution Company

  • Converted order mgmt system from Classic ASP to current Asp.Net.

  • Re-designed IT development application production promotion processes and SCS for both .Net and Java developers, implementing QA staging servers and SOCS compliant procedures.

  • Windows Server 2003 R2, VB.Net 2008, ASP.Net 3.5/Ajax, jQuery, SQL Server 2005, iSeries DB2, Subversion 1.5

Insurance Company

·           Developed ASP.Net applications for maintaining temporary overrides of master data until application or new product cycle was completed.

·           Windows Server 2003 R2, C# 3.0, ASP.Net 2.0, SQL Server 2005, Enterprise Library 3.0


Teleradiology Company

·           Architect, Lead Developer, DBA for managed services company

·           Managed migration of primary company application to Window Server 2003 R2 Terminal Server and SQL Server 2005.

·           Designed and developed Order Entry system merging incoming fax images and Dicom image information to verify and correct mismatching information.

·           Designed and developed Report Distribution system to produce, manage and efficiently distribute radiologists’ patient reports, providing multiple options for format (pdf, tiff, rtf, xml) and delivery (ftp, email, fax, web service, HL7).

·           Develop multiple applications to integrate and smooth workflow issues between systems, remote clients, radiologists, and transcriptionists.

·           Windows Server 2003 R2, VB.Net 2005, ASP.Net 2.0/Ajax, SQL Server 2005, SQL Broker Service, Exchange 2003 Webdav, Dicom


Publishing Company

·           Architect and Developer for Privacy Management system for major trade magazine publisher.

·           Developed .Net systems for managing subscribers’ privacy preferences for email, fax, and phone.

·           Included public internet opt-out sites, intranet database management, and intranet for magazine staff to scrub mailing lists before communication campaigns.

·           Windows Server 2003, C#.Net 2003, SQL Server 2003


Mfg Distribution Company

·           Architect and Developer for Demand Planning system for manufacturer products distribution company.

·           Developed .Net intranet system to review inventories, customer orders, production and purchase requisitions, and forecasts to determine potential inventory shortages and recommend replenishment orders.

·           System integrates with AS/400 manufacturing and ERP systems to collect data on daily basis, and produce hotlists of items needing attention.

·           Windows Server 2003, VB.Net 2003, SQL Server 2000, Client Access/400


Real Estate Investment Trust

·           Architect and Developer for creating website to front-end AS/400 system for investors to review, retrieve, and modify K1 Schedule information.

·           Designed secure solution using external web server communicating through secure portal to internal web services server. 

·           Windows Server 2003, VB.Net 2003, SQL Server 2000, Client Access/400


Mfg Distribution Company

·           Architect and Developer for redesigning software product from an MS Access based design to a multi-tier design using SQL Server. 

·           Design components to be flexible to install and run as single user system, shared database system for workgroup, or client/server network installation.

·           Significant features included: multi-tier application, Access to SQL Server (MSDE) database migration; multiple languages, international export, encryption.

·           Windows 2000/2003 Server, Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP Clients, Visual Basic 6.0, MTS/Com+ Components, ADO 2.7, SQL Server 2000/MSDE, Wise Installer.



Significant Project Achievements (cont.)

Medical Software Company

·           Architect and Developer for redesigning two software products from an MS Access based design to a multi-tier design using SQL Server.  Further redesign to .Net client architecture.

·           Significant features included: shared middle tier for both Windows client and web client front-ends; patient signature capture (compliant with Electronic Signatures Act), low-cost maintenance and remote system maintenance features.

·           Windows NT4/2000 Server, Visual Basic 6.0/.Net, ASP.Net, MTS/Com+ Components, IIS 4.0/5.0, ASP 2.0/3.0/.Net, ADO 2.6, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, SQL Server 7/2000/MSDE.


Enterprise Applications

·           Project Leader, Architect, and Developer for integrated, enterprise-wide applications for medical testing company.  Developed 5 applications for customer service, scheduling mobile equipment, sales support, marketing support, and  external vendor support.

·           Built combined inhouse client-server applications and private, secure website applications, using common components and database.

·           Windows 2000 Server, Visual Basic 6.0, Com+ Components, IIS 5.0, ASP 3.0, ADO 2.6, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, SQL Server 2000, Verisign Payflo.


eCommerce Website

·           Project Leader, Architect, and Developer for web eCommerce site for company providing display supply products for retail stores. 

·           Included catalog of >4,000 parts, integration of customers and pricing with existing legacy ERP system.

·           Took over this project as an existing failed project (after 15 months) and restarted development and design to bring new site up in 3½ months.

·           Windows 2000 Server, Visual Basic 6.0, Com+ Components, IIS 5.0, ASP 3.0, ADO 2.5, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, Netscape and Microsoft browsers, SQL Server 7.0, Navision Financials.


Parts Proposal & Quotation System

·           Project Leader, Architect, Developer for part, bill of material, and pricing system for generating quotations and proposals for spare parts for major motor and drive systems. 

·           Pre-existing system was HP mainframe system.  Rewrote and converted data to intranet system to be used corporate-wide, and eventually used extranet for customers and distributors.

·           Windows NT4 Server, Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0, IIS 4.0, ASP 2.0, ADO 2.1, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, Netscape and Microsoft browsers.


Import Product Inventory Management System

·           Project Leader, Architect, Developer for inventory management system for planning, forecasting, and generating planned orders for imported products for international bearing manufacturer.

·           System developed using intranet-based ActiveX documents on MS IIS web server, with multi-tier MTS components, using SQL Server 7.0 database and trading ASCII files with MVS mainframe via FTP.

·           Also developed Application Framework. Further applications can be developed and “plugged into” framework, based on user security.

·           Windows NT4, Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0, MS SQL Server 7.0, MS IIS 4.0, ASP 2.0, ADO 2.0, Outlook (CDO), VSView, Janus Grid/ButtonBar, MS IE Browsers.



Significant Project Achievements (cont.)

Client/Server Environment Startup

·           Provided high-level consultation and training to IS department for nationwide logistics corporation to startup client/server development environment.  All previous development was MVS mainframe, with some small FoxPro development. 

·           Provided training on multi-tier client/server designs, best practices methodology, relational database concepts and technology, and Visual Basic training. 

·           Wrote 1st draft development standards for their customization. 

·           Assisted and mentored for 1st four client/server projects, including an application framework for future application development.


PC Configuration & Ordering System

·           Developed commercial ordering website for configuring and ordering PC and related equipment, customized for large corporate customers of a regional office supply distributor.  The common website contains the corporate customers’ standard PC configurations, offered at their custom pricing.  Orders can be placed by the corporate user, and are routed to corporate purchasing as well the vendor’s order fulfillment systems.

·           Site was originally developed in-house using MS Access 7.0 database with FrontPage web forms, as a prototype for one customer.  Took over and redesign database and quote interfaces to support multiple customers, and reworked web pages to provide faster access and easier support, by reducing product specific pages with common page with parameters for customer and product (reduced @45 pages to 7 pages).

·           As a public, commercial website, had to support all common browsers with a similar look and feel.

·           Windows NT4, IIS 4.0, ASP 2.0, MS Access 7.0, ADO 2.0, VbScript, JavaScript, Netscape and MS Browsers.


Syndicate Securities System

·           Project Leader, Architect, Developer for planning, tracking, and executing securities trades for syndicate deals (IPO’s, secondary offerings, etc).

·           System developed a n-tier application, with a VB client for primary users (syndicate dept), and web server system for >1000 brokers, sharing common middle tier components for common business logic, database access, automatic email message generation, and mainframe trade system integration.

·           Windows 95/NT4, Visual Basic 5.0, Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0, MS SQL Server 6.5, MS IIS 4.0, ASP 2.0, VBScript, HTML, MS Exchange 5.0 (CDO), VSOcx, VSView, TrueGrid Pro, MS Project


Group Medical Insurance Renewal Quotation System

·           Acted as Project Leader for two client/server projects to support the Medical Underwriting Department.

·           Systems assist in generating group health insurance policy renewal quotes by identifying with adequate lead time groups eligible for renewal, collect premium and claims history from legacy mainframe systems.

·           Calculated recommended rates by applying rating formulae developed by the Actuarial Department.  Produced customer renewal exhibit package proposals.

·           Extensive use of class objects and OLE servers in Visual Basic to create common reusable objects.




Significant Project Achievements (cont.)

National Title Insurance Company

·           Developed agency and policy tracking system.  Features included:  integrated agency address book for documents and policies, automatic notification (by E-mail sent by SQL Server triggers) to agency managers on high-risk events, synchronization of MS-SQL Server databases located in two cities.



Commercial Shipment Tracking Software

·           Assisted with team development of commercial shipment tracking software for multi-carrier shippers.  Team consisted of 18 developers.  Team leader (of four developers) for architecture portion of the project. 



Package Shipping Stations

·           Developed background communications for transferring information from customers' shipping stations to carriers' mainframes at end-of-day.  System features included automatic retries of failed file transfers and logging of data transfer statistics.



Product Line Planning System

·           Worked with team of (7 developers) on developing client/server system for a product line planning system.  Included database synchronization with IBM mainframe, Prime and other Sybase SQL Server databases.

·           Trained COBOL developers on Windows and Visual Basic.



Proof of Delivery / Carrier Claims Tracking

·           Worked with team (5 developers) on developing client/server for transportation department to track proof of delivery and carrier claims.

·           Included daily downloading of invoice/shipping information from IBM mainframe to Sybase SQL Server/AIX, daily tracking of accounts receivable, and automatic filing of proof of delivery claims by data transmission with major carrier.



Customer Info System / Mainframe Interface

·           Developed PC-based regional office customer information system. System performed 3270 communications to extract data from 5 mainframe systems for a concise, coordinated display of all applicable information for a single customer (status, addresses, orders and order status,  etc.)



Development Standards

·           Developed corporate GUI Design standards, and Visual Basic coding standards.  GUI Design standards were developed with a committee and included any GUI platform (Windows, OS/2, Macintosh).





1999; Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
1994; Microsoft Certified Professional, Visual Basic 3
1990; Certified in Production and Inventory Management; APICS


Technical Qualifications


PC Development:

PC Packages and Systems:


Extensive Experience:


Microsoft Visual Basic 1.0 - 6.0; VB.Net 2003/2005/2008/2010/2012/2013, C#.Net 2003/2005/2008/2010/2012/2013, including dozens of custom controls,
.Net CF 3.5

Microsoft SQL Server 4.2 thru 2012,
MSDE, SQL Broker Service

Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0, Com+

Microsoft COM/DCOM/RA/Web Services/WCF

Microsoft Internet Information Server 3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0/7.0/7.5/8.0/8.5

Microsoft Active Server Pages 1.0/2.0/3.0/4.0/4.5 .Net 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5/Ajax/MVC3/MVC4

Microsoft Data Access Objects (DAO) 1.0–4.5

Microsoft Remote Data Objects (RDO) 1.0/2.0

Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) 1.0/2.0/2.1/2.5/2.6/2.7/.Net/.Net 2.0,3.5,4.0

Microsoft VBScript, VBA, Windows Scripting Host

JavaScript 1.2, 1.3 / Jscript 1.0 / jQuery / jQueryUI / jQuery Mobile

PhoneGap 1.6-1.8.1, 3.2, various plugins



Microsoft Access 1.0 - 2013

Microsoft Word for Windows 1.1 - 2013

Microsoft Excel 3.0 - 2013

Windows 3.0, 3.1, 3.11, 95. 98. ME

Windows NT 3.1, 3.5x, 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 2008R2, 2012, 8, 8.1



Moderate Experience:


LLBL GenPro 3.1, 3.5

Sybase SQL Server 4.9.2 thru System 11

Oracle 6.x/7.x/8.x

Microsoft Visual Interdev 1.0/6.0

Allaire Homesite 4.0/4.5/5.0/5.5

Microsoft FrontPage 97,98,2000,2003; Expression Web/Studio 2.0/3.0/4.0

Microsoft Visual Basic for DOS

IBM 3270 Communications & EHLLAPI API Programming

IBM MQSeries NT Client Development

Easel/DOS Application Development 5.0-6.1

XCode 4.4, ObjectiveC (iOS development)

Eclipse 4.3, (android development)



Rally Agile Project Mgmt

Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010/2012 Agile Template

Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003/2007/2010/2013

Microsoft Great Plains 7.5

Microsoft Small Business Server 2003/2008

Visio 4.0/5.0/2000/2003

Microsoft Project 3.0-2007

Microsoft Project Server 2007

PCBoard BBS 14.5, 15.0

Microsoft Powerpoint 3.x-2003

Harvard Graphics


Telerik Agile Workbench





Microsoft COBOL & Realia COBOL


Project WorkBench

EasyCase Plus

ProKit Analyst




References available upon request.